Living in Your Home During Roof Repair

Can you live in your home while redoing your roof?


Your roof needs repair, and you wonder if you can live there during the work.  The definitive answer is, “It all depends.”


Roofing repairs can be noisy from above as workers remove old materials and nail down the new ones.  Your roofing contractor may suggest that you leave home for several days while they work.


Most roofing repairs happen during the day and daylight hours.  If you are usually away from home during those hours, you may not need to stay elsewhere overnight.  One thing you may consider is boarding your pets, as the noise can cause anxiety for them.


If a storm has done extensive damage to the roof and there are structural issues, you may need to move to a hotel/motel or friend’s home until the work is complete and the house is deemed safe for your return.


General Roof Repair


A general roof repair occurs when the older roof has aged out and shows signs of deterioration.  If your roof is between ten and twenty years, you should be checking it annually for signs of aging:  dry, brittle, or cracked shingles or cracked or broken tiles. 


Remember that shingles carry a rating based on their expected age.  Shingle use ratings are from ten to thirty years.  Regardless of the rating, you should be monitoring the roof health annually or after a storm.


The roofing contractor will schedule the number of days estimated to replace the roofing materials.  If you plan to stay in the home during repairs, be aware that there will be noise by removing old materials and installing new ones throughout the day. Feel free to remain in the house if you can manage the constant pounding.


Storm Damaged Roof Repair


Storms present the harshest damage to roofs from wind or debris episodes.  Fallen trees can impact the structural integrity of the home.  High winds from tornadoes or hurricanes can lift shingles, tiles, or entire roofs.


Immediate action to cover these areas with tarps will help prevent additional interior damage from rain.


Be aware that storms may impact numerous homes at the same time.  Immediately contacting your roofing contractor will help place your home’s repair higher on their schedule.


Depending on the severity of the damage, it may not be safe for you to stay in your home until the repairs are complete.  Insurance companies may require that you vacate the home for safety reasons.  Do not return before completed inspections have cleared your home for safety.


Consider Your Pets

A final note is to consider your pets during roofing repairs.  The noise will be constant throughout the day, and pets may be affected by disrupting their regular quiet routine.  If you cannot take them with you, boarding them when the contractors are working is the least stressful.




Do you need to leave your home while roofing repairs happen?  The choice is up to you.  Can you handle the daily noise of hammers and feet moving across your roof?  Is it safe to be in your home?  The answer is, “It all depends.”