Commercial waterproofing services from Exterior Design & Development include professional installation of high quality waterproofing materials to new or existing structures to keep water out and prevent damage to exterior surfaces from the weather.

Above/Below Grade Waterproofing Applications

Bentonite Clay Waterproofing
– Fluid Applied Waterproofing 
– Hot Applied Waterproofing
– Self-Adhering Blindside Membranes
– Self-Adhering Sheet Waterproofing

Waterproofing Sealants

– Silicone Sealants
– Urethane Sealants
– Epoxy Security Sealants
– Firestop Sealants
– Sound Barrier Sealants

Commercial Waterproof/Aesthetic Coatings

– Clear Water Repellents
– Elastomeric Wall Coatings


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