Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

Strong, Durable, and Waterproof Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems from Exterior Design & Development

Modified Bitumen has evolved from conventional asphalt roofing to create a system that works on flat roofs and has improved water resistance. It uses a rubberized solvent and materials in addition to just asphalt to implement a more durable seal on your roof and eliminate the potential for leaks. In the event that the roof sustains any damage or leaks, Modified Bitumen is more cost effective to repair and makes occasional maintenance a breeze.

UV Protection and more…

In addition to being highly water resilient, modified bitumen offers high strength and UV resistance. Created with multiple layers to make up one strong membrane, modified bitumen has improved resistance to wear, damage and cracking. The layers also work in reflecting the sun’s harmful rays to keep your building cool. Buildings with a flat or slightly sloped roof work great with Modified Bitumen.

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