Metal Roofing Systems

Long-lasting, low maintenance, Metal Roofing Systems from Exterior Design & Development

Metal Roofing Systems are a great option for commercial buildings for a number of reasons. Metal roofs can be customized to many different sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.  In addition, they typically carry a longer lifespan than other typical materials. When properly maintained, metal roofs have the durability and strength to withstand almost any form of abuse the elements can send their way, including high/low temperatures, powerful storms, excessive winds, debris, dampness, and corrosion.

In addition to superior durability, property owners appreciate the long-term cost savings offered by low maintenance metal roofing products. For retail and office buildings, colors and styles can be customized to match the color scheme and overall theme of the brands occupying them. The improved aesthetics and longevity offered by a metal roof also increase property values.

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